the radiant forest

Bodies of Light no. 440 (Elm)

The Radiant Forest

An Energy Herbarium

Marie-Jeanne Musiol

Join the artist for an adventure in the luminous world of plants. This book, an extensive photographic survey of plant forms and expressions, was produced over two decades by Marie-Jeanne Musiol. Using electromagnetic photography to record leaves pulsating in light fields, the artist uncovers mirror images of the cosmos in these small botanical interfaces between matter and energy. Simultaneously microscopic and infinite, the details of the plants propel our vision deep inside and far beyond. In this body of work, Marie-Jeanne Musiol is informed by the great botanist Johann Goethe, whose intuitions about the intrinsic dynamism of plant growth are echoed in physicist David Bohm’s vision of enfolded orders in the universe.

Mirrors of the Cosmos no. 6a (Detail of leaf)

Outlining an arc of creation, The Radiant Forest captures the interaction between matter and light, animate and inanimate states of being, plants and people, in order to reconsider long-held assumptions about the visible world.

Featuring more than 350 duotone illustrations of leaves along with explanatory texts on the implications of plant energy, this 224-page hardcover book in French also provides plate descriptions, notes and an extensive bibliography. A companion booklet is available with the English translation of the book's texts and plate descriptions (excluding end Notes).

The radiant forest

$65.00 Solde

For information on the images featured in the book, please contact gallery Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain in Montreal (514.395.6032) or visit